More and more people love sports and fitness. How to choose yoga pants is a big problem. ODODOS will teach you some skills to use when buying yoga pants, you can start with the most suitable yoga pants according to your own budget.

1 High waist

The high waist design can cover the fat around the waist and visually look thinner. Not only that, when girls who love sports are training in the fitness room, the high-waist tailoring can better cover the buttocks, which can reduce the chance of exposure better than the mid-waist and low-waist designs. The most important point is that the high-waisted trousers help modify the shape of the legs and elongate the visual proportions of the body.

2. Comfort

Comfort can be divided into two elements: wrapping and extensibility. Coverage refers to the complete coverage of the body without sliding due to movement. You can squat down when trying on the pants to see if the pants still fit the body. Extensibility refers to the elasticity of the material. If you feel a particularly tight and restrained feeling in the process of moving the lower limbs, it is not qualified.

3 Functionality

Normal yoga pants do not have pockets, but some pants have additional pockets for the convenience of users, considering the convenience of users.

All requirements are easily met in ODODOS.


San Jung